For the Sport Pilot

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Part 21

21.175 Airworthiness certificates: classification.

21.177 Amendment or modification.

21.179 Transferability.

21.181 Duration.

21.191 Experimental certificates

21.193 Experimental certificates: general.

Part 61

61.3  Requirement for certificates, ratings, and authorizations

61.35  Knowledge test: Prerequisites and passing grades

61.39 Prerequisites for practical tests

61.51 Pilot Log Books

61.52  Use of aeronautical experience obtained in ultralight vehicles

61.53  Prohibition on operations during medical deficiency

61.56  Flight review

61.63  Additional aircraft ratings (other than on an airplane transport pilot certificate

61.69 Glider and unpowered ultralight vehicle towing: Experience and training requirements

61.87 Solo requirements for student pilots

61.305 Age and Language requirements for a sport pilot certificate

61.309 What aeronautical knowledge must I have to apply for a sport pilot certificate

61.311 Flight Proficiency Requirements

61.313 What aeronautical experience must I have to apply for a sport pilot certificate?

61.315 What are the privileges and limits of my sport pilot certificate?

61.329 Special Provisions for obtaining a Sport Pilot Certificate

Part 91

91.109 Flight instruction; Simulated instrument flight and certain flight tests.

91.119 Minimum safe altitudes: General.

91.126 Operating on or in the vicinity of an airport in Class G airspace.

91.155  Basic VFR weather minimums

91.215  ATC transponder and altitude reporting equipment and use

91.319  Experimental Light Sport Aircraft Operating Limitations

91.327  Aircraft Operating Limitations


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