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Next Class
April 27 - 29, 2012
Cushing Airport (0C8)
Newark, IL 60551
A&M Airsports
(630) 879-6568

                                                                        3-Day Ground School for Knowledge Test Prep
The Ground-school which preps you for the Knowledge (written FAA exam) Test will be held on April 29, 30 and May1st (Friday, Sat and Sun)starting at 8 each morning, and going to 5PM at Cushing Field Airport near Newark, IL. Hotels are nearby in Sandwich, Yorkville, and Ottawa.
The course is $350 for which a check will need to be made to Sweeneycorp, since Jim Sweeney of Sweeneycorp is the instructor on this one.
Optional but advisable materials are:

The $350 check for the course should be made out to SweeneyCorp and then mailed at least 3 weeks in advance to:
  A&M Airsports Ltd.
  771 Bailey Drive
  Batavia, IL 60510

Additional Information
            SweeneyCorp     info@sweeneycorp.com        847 612 8437



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